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Checkov, silent?

ACTOR 1: This is how the movies are. Silent.

OLGA: Right. Silent. And Chekhov?

ACTOR 1: Chekhov? Silent too.

OLGA: Chekhov, silent? No way. Chekhov is a great writer. He can't be silent.

In 1929 Olga Kniper, the most glorious star of Art Theater of Mosque and widow of Anton Chekhov, travels to Hollywood to conquer the film industry. While she travels America lives the big depression.

Chekhov, silent? is a play about the need of human to create even when everything is collapsing.

Watch the video:


Text: Elias Maroutsis

Director: Esther Andre Gonzalez

Stage - Costume design: Christos Konstantellos

Lighting: Anna Sbokou

Original Music: Kostas Kakouris

Video: Maria Athanasopoulou

Make up artist: Kiriaki Melidou

Hair Styling: Ioulia Sygrimi

Graphic designer: Theodosia Maroutsi

Photographer: Myrto Apostolides

Assistant director: Dimitra Bali

Playing: Aimilia Vasilakaki, Miltos Samaras, Kostas Chatzidimitriou, Kostas Kakouris

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