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Lenia's diary

"The cocoon was cold and comfortable. This doesn't mean that there was any space to move but under no circumstances, I would describe it as claustrophobic. Besides I wasn't still in a position to realize a meaning like this.The only place that I knew was that cocoon and it seemed to me natural to be there."

Lenia belongs to the tribe of the Cryonics. The people that had been preserved in frozen cocoons, until the scientists discover the medicines for their diseases.

Not only the treatments weren't found but the life on planet became impossible due to the climate conditions. Humans abandoned earth and they left behind their garbage and the Cryonics, who they now start to defrost.

After wondering on a deserting land Lenia managed to find  a settlement of Cryonics. Now she gives her fight against the oligarchy who rules the settlement by deciding who will be included and who not from the treatments.

In Lenia's diary a dystopic science fiction story meets the old tradition and techniques of story telling.

Text: Elias Maroutsis

Director: Esther Andre Gonzalez

Acting: Kostas Chatzidimitriou

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