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Esther Andre Gonzalez, Director

Esther is a Mexican - French director. She is a theater maker for more than 25 years.

She has studied at the National Drama School of Mexico, at Jacques Lecoq school and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique, with Michel Bouquet.

She has attended workshops with Yosho Oida, Tapa Sudana, Pierre Debauche, Philippe Hottier , E. Chailloux. She has also attended workshops of traditional theatre: Théâtre-Dance Kathakali, with Balakrishnam and Karuna Karan, Théâtre Balinese-Topeng with I. Made Djimat and Cristina Wistari, Opéra de Pékin with Pei Yanling and M. Guo, l’Art du Griot with Sotigui Kouyaté, Commedia dell’Arte with Carlo Boso.

She has deepen her knowledge in music and singing with Tamia Valmont(musical theatre), Oscar Sisto (Korean drums), Jai-Kin, Eiichi Saito Kodo Foundation (Japanese drums).

She has been a member of Théâtre du Soleil, of Ariane Mnouchkine from 1993 to 1999 ((La Ville Parjure, Tartuffe, Et Soudain des nuits d’éveil…).

As an actress she played in classical and contemporary roles and participated in shows in Europe and Mexico: Phèdre Racine, Espagne Cervantes, Agafia Tijonovna Gogol, Electre Sartre, Dolores del Rio Fuentes, Ibu Batou Ourania la tibetologie Helène Cixous, Céleste Sandoval, La princesse sacrifiée, Coyolxauhqui, Le clown Ste. Marie.

She has also played in the films: Nadja, Coyoacan, L’ Escorpionne, Histoired’Amour, Les illusions perdues. She has participated in TV and Radio broadcasts: Radio France Culture, Au dessous du volcan, Retour de la Pampa, On the road.

As a director she directs performances of classical and contemporary repertoire in France, Mexico and Greece: Chekhov, silent? by Elias Maroutsis (Athens), Pheadra and the Labyrinths by Ximena Escalante (Athens) , Mala junta, the last tango by Esther Andre Gonzalez (Athens), Homerica by D. Dimitriades (City of Mexico), F. O la desesperacion by M. Yourcenar (Μonterey, Mexico), Alpenstock by  Rémi De Vos, (Athens), Happy ...snow by E. Maragou (Athens), The Fridge by Copi (Athens), Frida/Frida by Esther Andre Gonzalez (Athens), Filumena Marturano by E. De Filippo, (Athens), La Comedia de los errores by W. Shakespeare, (City of Mexico, co direction with A.L. Palacios, Teatro UNAM, tour in Mexico), The rose tattoo by T. Williams (Athens), Low level panic by C. McIntyre, (Athens), Coté jardin, (Festival L’oeil du cyclone-Océan Indien, Ile de la Réunion), Le Cabaret Récapitulatif, (Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne), Les deux Frida, by Esther Andre Gonzalez (Paris, Frida Kalho festival), L’exception et la règle by B. Brecht, (co direction with F. Lecour, Théâtre de Caen, tour in France), Le Rêveur byJ-H. Blumem, (Paris), Les Fantômes de mes Jenny’s της A. Sigichelli, (Paris, Festival Nous N’Irons Pas à Avignon, tour in France), Egeo by Ε. Carballido, (City of Mexico), Orinoco by E. Carballido, (Paris, tour in Mexico), Solo by Β. Liègme, (Paris), Caifanes, sexto aniversario, (City of Mexico), Teules, le radeau des serpents by Esther Andre Gonzalez, (City of Mexico, tour in Mexico), La Fille du Diable by Sandoval, (Paris).


As a playwright she writes the plays: Mon cher amour (1989), L’évangile selon le clown (1989), Ment-songe (1990), Teules, le radeau des serpents (1991), Dors petite, dors (2006), Dorothy darling (2006), Frida/Frida (2007). La porte du bout du Monde(2009).

Since 1990 she is giving Masterclasses for actors in Europe and at the universities of Monterrey and Mexico City. In Greece she has taught at the Theater of changes, the French Institute, Akis Davis drama school and Dilos, drama school.

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