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Sacred People

In a near or distant future, in a country, known or unknown, the first ever transsexual president of a state is getting elected.


A writer leads a campaign for the defense of patriarchy and heteronormativity. He envisages a living book which praises the Alpha Male.

Through the narrative form theatre within a theatre, with the use of multiple identities and realities, Sacred People ventures on a plunge into issues of authority, diversity, social gender, the construction of the western model of “the dominant”.

Watch the demo video:


Author: Elias Maroutsis

Director: Esther Andre Gonzalez

Adaptation: E.A. Gonzalez, E. Maroutsis

Set designer & Costume designer: Christos Constantellos

Choreographer: Kiki Bacca

Sound design: Giorgos Dousos

Lights design: Maria Athanasopoulou

Actors: Antonis Iordanou, Miltos Samaras, Κostas Hatzidimitriou

Assistant director: Athinais Pothou

Video Art: Pavlina Ioannidou

Video Fiction: Zozefina Markarian

Photographer: Christos Tzimas

Make up artist: Kyriaki Melidou

Hair styling: Ioulia Syrigmi

Graphic designer: Theodosia Maroutsi

Voice over: Nestor Kopsidas

Tribal sketch design: Maria Kalogianni

Costumes adaptation: Eleni Chatzidimitriou

Production: collective42zone

The perfomance is funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture

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