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42 zone

performing arts

The Collective

42 zone is a collective, of theater professional artists. Is based in Athens, Greece.

The kind of theater we make is text based, with strong physical action. Usually it combines singing and dancing and could be described as a pocket size musical or cabaret performance.

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Esther Andre Gonzalez, Director

Esther, is a Mexican - French director. She is a theater maker for more than 25 years. She has studied at the National Drama School of Mexico, at Jacques Lecoq school and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique. She has been a member of  Theatre du Soleil. (Click on the photo...)

Kostas Chatzidimitriou, Actor

Kostas, is an actor, singer and singing teacher. He has performed in theater shows (musicals, contemporary plays, ancient dramas), films and TV broadcasts in Greece. He has studied at the National Drama School of Northern Greece. (Click on the photo...)

Miltos Samaras, Actor

Miltos, has performed in numerous productions of contemporary theater and ancient drama in Greece. He has been collaborator of the National Theater of Northern Greece. He has studied at Veaki drama school. (Click on the photo...)

Elias Maroutsis,

Elias, is an Athens based playwright. He also works on scripts and short stories. He is the editor of the web site He has attended the first studio for playwrights of the Greek National Theater. He has received distinguishes for his plays in theater contests. (Click on the photo...)

Christos Konstantellos, stage - costume designer

Christos, is designing stages and costumes for performances in France, Greece and occasionally in Mexico. He has studied at the Beaux Arts School of Paris (Lab P. Alechinsky).

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The colective

New project


Sacred People

In a near or distant future, in a country, known or unknown, the first ever transsexual president of a

state is getting elected.

A writer leads a campaign for the defense of patriarchy and heteronormativity. He envisages a living book which praises the Alpha Male.


On the borders between reality and imagination, history and myth, the existent and the non-existent,

Sacred People are created.

Sacred People is characterized to great extent by traits of a cabaret performance, where there is

discourse, sometimes with the classic musicals and sometimes with the contemporary drag shows.

Sacred People






For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 0030 6939866476 or fill out the following form

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We are based in...

16 Agion Anargiron street

Athens, 10554

Tel: 0030 6939866476

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